Q1: I want to develop an XR applications based on my own proprietary components. Does the XR4ALL developer platform fit my needs ?

The goal of the platform is to promote European XR solutions by sharing interoperable XR solutions in a common catalogue. For this reason, it is requested that any solution developed on the platform, whether core components or applications, must be published on the XR solutions catalogue. So if you are able to publish a version of your XR applications, potentilally restricted in terms of functions or watermaked, you can submit a proposal to the XR4ALL open call in order to use the XR4ALL developers platform and be funded. Now, if you want to share on the catalogue your core components with the licence of your choice, it can only be better for the XR4ALL developers community.

Q2: Does the XR4ALL developers platform support hardware development ?

Again, the goal of the XR4ALL developers platform is to promote European XR solutions by sharing XR solutions in a common catalogue. If your hardware can be easily shared by the XR4ALL developers community (Do It Yourself mode or commercialized), the platform can help you to develop software parts such as drivers.

Q3: Which platforms will be supported by the XR4ALL developers platform ?

The XR4ALL developers platform will provide you with a private GitLab area hosted on our servers for code versionning. We will also provide you with servers for continuous integration based on GITLab CI/CD. We will first provide projects with Linux and Windows servers run your jobs, as well as the support and common scripts to help you test your solutions very quickly. Depending of the requirements of the projects, we will extend the features offered by the XR4ALL developers platform (support Unity or unreal Enginen tests on GitLab CI/CD, iOS support, etc.).