eCAR encryption for Confidential AR


eCAR objective is to enhance the XR4ALL platform with components, such as libraries and tools, that enable developers to flexibly create Augumented Reality Android applications providing information tailored to specific user profiles via ABE (Attribute Based Encryption) techniques. This ensures users only access data that is relevant to their role and for which they are authorised.


eCAR objective is to provide a development environment (software libraries) and operational tools through which developers can create Augmented Reality (AR) / Mixed reality (MR) solutions able to provide access to public or confidential information using CP-ABE (Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption) encryption techniques.
CP-ABE is a novel asymmetric encryption scheme in which each user has its own private key which is generated using attributes associated to the users (e.g., in user’s profile). Confidential information is encrypted using explicit access policies that, using logical operators, combines a set of conditions.  If the user’s attributes satisfy the conditions in the access policy, the decryption process succeeds, otherwise it fails.
The eCAR project has developed SW modules for the Android environment that, in combination with the Android ARCore features, support the creation of AR/MR apps with the features described above. Additionally, the project has developed tools, assembled in a Spring Java framework based web application, for managing CP-ABE access policies, creating the required information for managing data sources to be associated to AR markers, encrypt static information (e.g., PDF documents, images), as well as SW modules for encrypting dynamic data.


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