The IMMERSE solution delivers a simple, easy-to-use plugin providing a stereoscopic rendering of XR content, i.e. the rendering of content in a way that can be streamed to both eyes in head-mounted XR devices. Immerse offers a lightweight render pipeline for stereoscopic rendering while overcoming the hardware limitations.

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Image Mapping via Mesh-based Rendering for Stereoscopic Experiences is a framework that is built to provide lightweight rendering while empowering low cast handsfree XR usage. IMMERSE implements Time Parallel Stereo Rendering to provide lightweight, low-cost, and fast rendering. Immerse will enable developers to concentrate on the business logic of the applications that they are developing for the use-case that they are targeting without having to worry about the need to mount cameras in the factory environment or the performance of their application. Hence, Immerse enables rapid prototyping while utilizing low-cost HMD. It provides an easy-to-use plugin to allow for stereoscopic rendering of 3D environments for XR purposes, hence to enable the usage of head-worn, stereoscopic devices to the community. 


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