Visualizing 2D CT-scans in 3D in Virtual Reality. MedicalVR technology allows surgeons to preoperatively plan surgeons utilizing conventional imaging techniques. By combining CT-scans, AI-algorithms and Virtual Reality, surgeons receive a full immersed view of the patient specific anatomy.

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MedicalVR is a technology driven medical start-up founded in March 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with the primary focus on the conversion of the two-dimensional CT or MRI scan data into 3D-models for preoperative planning purposes. The 3D-models are then visualized in Virtual Reality (VR) which places the medical specialist in an immersive environment which allows for flawless interaction with the digital copy of the patient’s anatomy. More than 50 surgeries have been performed by Cardio Thoracic surgeons planning their surgeries with our technology.

MedicalVR has developed a basic AI-algorithm which allows segmentation of anatomic structures. The starting point is simple recognition of blood vessels and bone structures, for scalability purposes other anatomic structures can be added in the future. To ultimately provide surgeons with more and better viewing options, we are including structured colouring tools like Interactive Colouring, Manual Colouring and have finalized a new feature which was out of scope, the Filter function. Considering CT-scans are grey, all these tools will provide surgeons with more viewing opportunities.

The MedicalVR multi-disciplinary team is proud to present the completed work. We are beyond excited that in this limited time frame, thanks to the XR4ALL fund, we have developed an AI-algorithm and tools to colour anatomic structures of CT-scans. MedicalVR will implement features and toolkits developed during the XR4ALL project in a clinical trial starting Q4 2021.


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