Video showing the results of the SUPERPANC project, our company, and the next 3-years steps to commercialize the solution, under the brand name VAREYE.

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SUPERPANCAKE is a full headset for VR applications that outstands from its competitors thanks to several key features: high resolution of 23 PPD; large Field-of-View of 90º; small size and lightweight; IPD and myopia adjustment for 0D – 7D range. This headset, that uses two 2.1″ displays is currently evolving toward VAREYE concept, an “off-the-shelf” VR/AR eye including optics + display assembly, for smaller 1″ displays and obtaining much higher resolution of above 40 PPD.

SUPERPANCAKE is a VR headset features three key technologies: light-folding, super-resolution and myopia adjustment. This headset is a way to demonstrate the technology through functional measurements and at the same time is a mock-up to showcase the optics skills, demonstrating the potential of a new light-folding optical train able to reduce dramatically the size of VR headsets, while multiplying the angular resolution by a factor of 1.3x. This headset presents the following specifications:

• High angular resolution: 23 Pixels Per Degree (PPD)

• Large Field-of-View (FoV): circular-shaped 90º

• Small size: thickness of 19.5mm

• Myopia correction: 0 diopters to -7 diopters range

These four items, combined with very good image quality throughout the whole FoV, are general specifications desired in every VR headset in order to provide optimal user experience. Additional mechanical adjustment for Interpupilar Distance (IPD), allows for an optimized image quality for a vast range of potential users with different IPDs. The resulting headset is very compact, lightweight and ergonomic, outstanding from the conventional commercial headsets.

The SUPERPANCAKE headset has been designed for a 2.1” diagonal display. Nevertheless, the current trend of the market evolves to a scenario where the highest resolutions will be achieved by microdisplay technology, implying smaller sizes of around 1”. This is the reason why Limbak has conceived VAREYE, an off-the-shelf VR/AR eye (optics + display) that provides up to 40 PPD resolution while keeping optical performance. 


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