SyncVR Unity Plugin


The SyncVR Unity Plugin (SUP) project is a Unity Plugin that allows VR apps developed in Unity to easily access to three main functionalities:

– App Usage Analytics

– Spectating and Control Takeover through Android Tablet

– Movement data analysis and playback for 6DoF VR devices


SyncVR Medical Platform

The SyncVR Unity Plugin is part of the SyncVR Platform. The SyncVR Platform is made up of different parts, that have their own roles, and that the SyncVR Unity Plugin may interact with: A Mobile Device Management System, to handle the management of VR devices remotely, and to distribute VR applications to VR devices. A Dashboard that can be used by customers to view and manage their own VR devices, view available apps, and deploy them to their headset. A Backend, consisting of at least a database, to store data. Kiosk Mode and Custom Home Environment implementations for different VR devices to replace the default manufacturer home environments. The SyncVR Unity Plugin that offers standardized functionality to any (including our own) app integrating it.  

SyncVR Unity Plugin

The SyncVR Unity Plugin provides three core functionalities to VR apps integrating the plugin, which are briefly described below.  We have  found these functionalities to be of great use in practice when implementing VR in a medical setting. While our own apps have need of these functionalities, we find them generic enough to offer to any third party app that might run our platform. This will, on the one hand, improve those third party apps themselves, and on the other hand offer reliable and familiar features to nurses and therapists.  

1) App Analytics

Analytics functionality provides insight in the way a user interacts with the app; what buttons are pressed, what functionality is used, and how much time is spent in the app. This analytics information is of paramount importance to any app developer, but also provides both healthcare providers and SyncVR as platform provider insight in the usage of different apps.

2) Spectating and Control Takeover through Android Tablet

When applying VR apps to patients, situations may arise where the patient requires help navigating the app. However, due to the personal and immersive nature of the VR medium, this is difficult to provide for nurses. The spectating and control takeover functionality allows nurses to use an Android tablet to connect to a VR headset that is running an app that has the plugin integrated. They can then:see what the patient sees in VR take control of the app, disabling all buttons in the VR app, and instead offering them to the nurse on the tablet. Note that the goal here is to facilitate the nurse in providing support, not to create a shared experience between a user wearing a VR headset and a user operating a tablet.

3) Movement data analysis and playback for 6DoF VR devices

6DoF VR devices offer unprecedented possibilities to let patients do movement exercises that are beneficial to their rehabilitation in a gamified and fun environment, while simultaneously collecting detailed raw data on these movements. However, raw movement data is difficult for nurses and therapists to process. This functionality will provide higher level information based on raw movement data, such as range-of-motion (3D) flexions, (3D) extensions, rotations (left/right) and bends (left/right), of neck, wrist, elbow, shoulder. Additionally, it will be possible to replay the raw movement data on an avatar, so that the performed movements can be assessed and studied after the fact.


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